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A Varied and Detailed Display of Collectable Military Ordnance
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I've had the pleasure of being a member of a small, but knowledgeable, militaria collectors organization and one of the more popular activities we did was "Show and Tell" night. The way this works, a particular theme is announced, members bring related items from their collections, then are provided an opportunity to stand and give a short presentation to the group. These web pages are an extension of that idea.

Passing knowledge on to others is an interesting experience. Aside from possibly inspiring the listener, it also challenges the "teacher".
Questions from the audience often are a challenge to one's understanding of the material. I've found the effort to present a subject to a group (or to create a written document) enhances one's own perspective of the subject and is a motivation to continue learning.

Seems a pity to collect this stuff and just leave it sit, removed from public view. Some keep their treasures tucked away, holding those hard won nuggets of history guarded and close. Others make the effort to bring their collections to the public, at shows and exhibitions, in order to share what they have learned and help preserve the history. I've elected to use the Internet to emulate the latter.

I hope you enjoy my humble display. Please feel free to correct, comment and ask questions, as that is what it's all about!

This Web Site is for Historic Informational Purposes Only!
Information presented is NOT to be taken as being sufficiently detailed to warrant anyone attempting to dismantle
any ordnance, live or otherwise.
Assumptions have been made on many diagrams about features not directly observable.
Functional details are to be considered  only conceptual representations  NOT precise operational diagrams.
Use of information from these pages for the manipulation of actual ordnance is at the reader's own risk!!

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American Ordnance, W.W.I and After
Grenades, Rifle Grenades, Ordnance, Fuzes, & other info.
The British "Mills Bomb"
And a few other grenades. WWI - WWII
Japanese Ordnance of W.W.II
Grenades, Rifle Grenades, Ordnance, Fuzes, Date Code Markings & other info.
German W.W.II Hand & Rifle Grenades, Launchers and Ordnance
Interesting Russian Grenades - W.W.I Gas, RPG-43, RKG-3, & others.
Mortars & 45mm AT
Italian "Red Devil" Hand Grenades.
O.T.O., Breda, S.R.C.M.
Luftwaffe Aircraft Gun & Cannon Ammunition of W.W.II
Types and Identification
Yugoslavian Grenades WWII to Modern
Imperial Germany - Kugels, Eggs & Sticks, WWI
US Civil War & 19th Century Ordnance
Artillery, Fuzes, Grenades
Evolution and Demise of the Rod Grenade (W.W.I)
Introductory History and a Few Interesting Types and Their Function
Shoulder Launched Anti-Tank Weapons - The Great Equalizer (W.W.II)
For Sale...    Selling off my Collection!  (Last Update 19Mar23)
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The Grenade Recognition Manual The Grenade Recognition Manual
A wonderful source for information!
"Taki's Home Page"
Excellent Site about the Imperial Japanese Army
Many Thanks for all your help Taki!

Other Links found on pages appropriate to their content.

Update#108 09Oct23 - German Mod.30 Rifle Grenade -Updated.
Update#107 02Apr23 - Imperial German Sticks -Updated Stick Grenade Group Photo.
Update#106 20Dec22 - German SG500 Added to Luftwaffe Ammo Page
Update#105 22Mar22 - U.S. 60mm & 80mm Mortar Rounds - Page added
Update#104 27Aug21 - U.S. 37mm AT Update (clickable pics)
Update#103 13Aug21 - German BK-2H Blendkörper Details
Update#102 10Jun21 - British No.36 Mills Bomb, Drill & Practice
Update#101 21Apr21 - "Lemon Practice" US M61 Grenade Page
Update#99 28Feb21 - US Mk.IIA1 Designation Clarified
Update#98 06Jan21 - British No.82 Gammon Grenade
Update#97 28Dec20 - Yugo - Added one group photo, M60P1
Update#96 20Nov20 - Jap T99 Grenade Label Translation Updated
Update#95 02Nov20 - Display Stand for Grenade Collectors: Inert-Ord.Net Exclusive! See my For Sale or Trade Page.
Update#94 15Sep20 - US Mk.II Hand Grenade - Black Tipped Lever Background.
Update#93 28Apr20 - German Stielgranate 41 Updates - Under Rod Grenades
Update#92 19Apr20 - Japanese T99 Hand Grenade - Go to the very end of the web page set.
Update#91 03Nov13 - Japanese Artillery Fuzes - Type91 AA Three Letter Marking Code.
Update#90 01Nov13 - Japanese Bomb and Artillery Fuzes - Many Added !!.
Update#89 23Dec10 - Italian OTO - Frag Matrix Design Note for Lead Ball Update.
Update#88 08May09 - Danish M.1923 Update! (Under German Grenades - Mod.343)
Update#87 02Apr06 - Japanese Type 23 Grenade
Update#86 18Feb06 - Imperial German Stick Grenades
Update#85 01Jan06 - Imperial German Lanz, 91mm Glatte Granatmine
Update#84 22Nov05 - British Mills Bomb and Others
Update#83 13Nov05 - Russian RGD-33, Diakonov -or- Diegtariev (Degtyarev)? Blue Dot page
Update#82 11Sep05 - Yugo M.35 Cap Update & Addendum
Update#80 06Aug05 - US 2.36 Rocket Launcher (Bazooka) Update
Update#78 18Jun05 - Japanese 81mm Mortar Update & Addition
Update#77 11Jun05 - Update to Imperial German Egg and Kugel Fuzes - Fakes and Forgeries page.
Update#76 29May05 - Yugo Updates - Rifle Grenade Launchers (See RB100 & M60 Pages)
Update#75 14May05 - Imperial German Egg Grenade
Update#73 23Mar05 - Imperial German Kugel Grenade
Update#71 06Jan05 - US M67 Update (M69 Practice Added)
Update#70 01Jan05 - Italian Red Devils
Update#69 29Nov04 - Relics of Guadalcanal - Japanese Ordnance
Update#21 16Aug02 - Re-Opened (INERT-ORD.NET), Added Rod Grenade & Luftwaffe Ammo Pages.
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