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I do not ship Internationally.
My apologies to collectors outside the U.S.A.

I'm downsizing my collection. Posting here first, for a while, then maybe moving what's left to auction.
Not sure how far I want to go with my "house keeping" effort, but expect to have more items at a later date.

Nose Fuze, German, WWII

AZ 5071 Nose Fuze, found on the 30mm HE GewehrSprenggranate Rifle Grenade.
The original staking prevents disassembly.

It appears the internals are present (weight), the plunger has spring tension on it, but (obviously) internal conditions are unknown.

Overall brown partina obscures the markings, but it still presents well.

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$65 (+ shipping)
VB Rifle Grenade, French WWI

A nice example of the "Viven Bressiere" rifle grenade. Placed in a cup-holder attached to the end of the rifle and fired using a ball charge to propel the grenade and initiate the timed fuse. This design was imitated by the German rifle grenade of 1917.

Rifle Grenade, German, WWI

Model 1917 Rifle Grenade, Cup-Launched.

The German copy of the French VB Grenade. Also launched with a ball cartridge that passed through the center hole in the grenade.
Stamped "GWH", (looks like an incomplete "G" not a "C"?)

Relic - Repainted.

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$125 (+ shipping)
"M67" U.S. Frag, c.1973

A "M67" without the M67 body, using a repainted M69 instead.
Color and texture are a good match to the original.

The M213 Fuze and the M415A1 Transit Can are both authentic and in very nice condition. Original styrofoam insert.
Can and fuze dated "1-73" and "3-73", respectivley.
Fuze complete with "Jungle Clip".

(Original M67 prices (no can) have been north of $600, as of this writing.)
A respectable "place holder" for your collection.

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$210 (+ shipping)
The "M67" compared to the M69 and an authentic M67....
USMC Training Aids, Vietnam

I understand these to be USMC Training Aids, for use in NVA / Vietcong weapon identification classes, made by a government contractor.
These models have no functional parts, just for visual shape identification.
Long Stick, with Russian RP-1 series fragmentation grenade and a RGD-5 mock-up.

Interesting Vietnam era background pieces.

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$185 - for the pair.
(+ shipping)
These aids compared to their real-life counterparts....
Grenades, Practice (Chalk Filler), French, Post 1960's

(Left)- XF1 Practice Grenade
Blue plastic body with removeable fuze well. Body marked: "61-LXT-75".
F6 Fuze. Grenade is completely empty.

(Right)- OFX37 (Practice version of the Mod. 1937 HE).
Body made of sheet aluminum. Original blue paint with markings in yellow:
OF X 37 PN 111-LXT- 69 ; F6 Fuze.
Grenade still appears to contain some (most?) of the chalk filler (weight).
This metal version is much harder to find than the plastic XF1.

$145 (XF1) / SOLD (OFX37)
(+ shipping)

Grenade, Lachrymatory (Tear Gas), French, Post 1960

Lacrymogène Mle.46 Gas Grenade w/ BA Mle.35 Fuze (Long Lever)

Cardboard body, with sheet metal base and aluminum top.
Body: Gr Lac 64 / CB 1,5 / 59-ACX-68 Fuze: SAE 11 63
Shipping container held the grenade only.
Upside-down with a large transit plug - (not present.)
There are the 3 metal (spent) containers inside the grenade body, which held the chemical.

The transit can is correct, but the lot numbers don't match.
A nice grouping, hard to find.

German, 20mm MG-FF, Aircraft Cannon Round, WWII

20mm x 81RR HEI Round for the (Oerlikon) Aircraft Gun.
Excellent original paint and markings, with the aluminum PD fuze AZ 1504.
Copper-coated steel case.
Beautiful example, hard to improve on.
Fuze: 9 1941 AZ 1504 eea
Headstamp: BT J1 40 12b
with Weimar eagles.
Projectile is tight in the case. Inside is a rattle to verify it's empty.
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$185 (+ $15 shipping)
Yugoslavian, M75 HE Frag Grenade, 1983

Modern plastic molded body formed around the fragmentation matrix, with a mouse trap fuze.

Transit container has matching date code "8318"

Russian, URG-N
Uchebnaya Ruchnaya Granata - Nastupatelnaya
"Training Hand Grenade - Offensive"

Cast Iron construction reproduces the size and weight of the H.E. RGD-5.

Modified UZRGM fuze.
Original Paint and markings. 1980 Dated.

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$150 (+ $15 shipping)

Grenade Display Stand Project

If interested, email me

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