Grenade Launcher Adapters

M1A2 Projection Adapter w/ Grenade
This device (left), first adopted early in WWII, allowed a hand grenade to be fired from a rifle. It replaced the M7 fragmentation rifle grenade.
With practice, a grenade could be accurately fired out to a distance of about 200 yards.
The grenade was mounted as shown and the safety pin removed. When fired inertia would cause the arming clip, holding the safety lever, to drop releasing the lever, arming the grenade.

The adapter to the right, used for chemical grenades was developed later.

A note about attaching grenades for display...
These adapters will scratch the finish of any grenade mounted to them, as well as having their own paint finish marred. A good idea is to use lesser grenade specimens for your display.

M1A1 Projection Adapter w/ Grenade

Grenade Projection Adapters:
(Left to Right)
M1 - 4 prongs, solid and slotted fins (No designation difference)
M1A2 - 3 prongs, slotted fins (M1A1 is a solid fin variation, not shown)
Chemical Grenade Projection Adapters:
M2A1 -3 prongs, slotted fins (M2 is a solid fin variation, not shown)

The M1 was only used during WWII. It has four gripping “claws” and no cup to hold the grenade.
The arming clip, which held the grenade safety lever is secured by a small bent tab at the bottom. Firing the grenade would shear that tab off and the clip would fall away releasing the lever.
Note the second M1 is in a fired condition, as it is missing the arming clip.

The M2 is a little different, but operates essentially the same. It has a spring loaded setback band to hold the grenade lever, instead of the arming clip.

Follow this link for more information at The Grenade Recognition Manual web site.