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German Panzerfaust M60

Panzerfaust M60 "Tank Fist"
The Panzerfaust was a very successful disposable anti-tank weapon.
Developed by HASAG Hugo Schneider AG, Werk Schlieben, the first of three models (M30) was issued in August 1943. Shown here is the second variant, the M60, adopted in August 1944. The final version, M100 was fielded in November 1944
The M60 designation was derived from its optimal effective range of 60 meters (200 ft.).

The Panzerfaust was an improvement over the Panzerschrek rocket launcher in that it was easy to produce, light and was operated by one person requiring almost no training. It was issued in an assembled condition and was a single shot disposable weapon. (However, fired tubes were often recycled and reloaded at the factory.)
Well over one million were produced before the end of the war.

This very simple and effective weapon operated on the action-reaction principal . Inside the launch tube was a small black powder charge. When fired, the finned bomb moved forward due to the force of the expanding gas. Since the momentum of the warhead was created by reaction to the mass of the high velocity gas exiting out the tube, there was no recoil.
The Panzerfaust was not a rocket launcher, but rather a smooth bore recoilless rifle.

Faustpatrone "Fist Cartridge"
The hollow charge warhead was made of thin sheet steel with a wood tail boom. The flexible spring steel fins rolled up around the boom inside the launch tube. As the bomb left the tube they popped opened.
Here are two examples showing slightly different fin configurations.
Muzzle Velocity = 45 m/s (150 fps)
Armor Penetration = 7.9nches (200mm)
Range = 30-80 meters
Overall weapon length was approx. 104cm (41in.)
Weight = 8 Kg (17.6lbs)
Sectional View

The Panzerfaust concept continues today in modernized forms.
Shown here is a DM-22 HEAT practice projectile used in the German PzF-44 compared with the WWII M60.
Note it continues to use the spring-steel fin design.
German PzF-44 (Early 1960's)
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Leichte "Light" PanzerFaust (PzF-44)
Point Accuracy (Stationary Target): 300m
Firing Tube Caliber: 44mm
Warhead Diameter: 67mm (Dm-32)
Weight (loaded): approx. 7.3 kgs
Length (loaded): 116.2 cms
DM-32 HEAT Wardhead: (1.5 kgs)
Muzzle Velocity: 170 m/s
Maximum Penetration: 375 mm

Later DM-32 HEAT Projectile w/ Folding Fins
DM-32 Projectile
Modern designs have abandoned fixed spring-steel fins in favor of collapsible fin assemblies, allowing larger fins and greater stability.
Swiss PZF84
Modern Swiss PzF 84.